Saturday, November 22, 2014

Travel, Food and Wine and LoveME!

GORHAM, ME:  The PineCrest Inn announced today the formation of a new group on  Big Tent allows uses to create online community for everything from parenting issues to neighborhood meet and greets. The PineCrest has set up an online group entitled TRAVEL, FOOD AND WINE. The group is set with national perameters and will allow members to offer suggestions, tips and ideas for all things related to Travel, Food and Wine.

"Getting our guests to share ideas is what this is all about" Matt Mattingly, Innkeeper and moderator of the group mentions. "Everyone is always looking for ideas for everything from the best lobster to the best rental car agency and even driving routes to see some of the spectacular sites along the way"

Mattingly noted that the Big Tent online community of members is in its growth period but with over 70,000 active conversations taking place at any one time, the growth potential is enormous. Maine enjoys the companionship of over 30,000,000 souls during the year, each one with their own experiences, ideas, likes, dislikes. The group will help each other share those concepts.

A membership in Big Tent is required but is free of charge for your lifetime. Follow the link below to join immediately.


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